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Are you ready for a career change or a recent graduate? Welcome to the world of dentistry. Our goal is to train you in an efficient and friendly environment. We will teach you the skills you need to become a successful Dental Assistant. Here's a break down between our school and larger schools.

Attention!!! We were blessed again!!!
We are happy to announce that as of July 10, 2016, our nonprofit partners have received new funding, for Tarrant county residents, in the amount of over $300,000!!! Last year this funding helped over 100 students pay for their education and the student cost was only $100 to NO cost at all.

So NOW IS THE TIME if you would like to become a Dental Assistant and you lack the funding, contact us ASAP while funds last!! 

Comparison to larger schools 
  • Our facility has 3 treatment rooms which meets the needs of our 4-6 students. Larger schools have 1-2 treatment room which doesn't meet the needs of 20-30 students.
  • We meet 4 hours/day, 2 days a week. Larger schools meet 4-5 days a week
  • Currently our graduation rate stands at 100% since our first class
  • Currently 100% of our students passed the state mandatory RDA Exam since our first class
  • Some students found jobs 1 week before the last day of class
  • We offer job placement assistance. (we do not guarantee you will find a job)
  • The class focuses on hands on training to help the student transition from our dental office  to any other dental office

  • We don’t move on to the next lesson until everyone understands the subject at hand.

  • Students are allowed to work on our patient to gain hands on experience before they graduate

  • Students are taught current techniques used in today’s offices
  • We offer a short 10 week course
  • Morning/Afternoon/Evening Classes available
  • No entry exam required
  • Enrollment requirements- Must have High School Diploma, GED., or equivalent. 
  • Low tuition fee of $2,585.00
  • Classes taught in a dental office 
  • Evening classes are available for working adults
  • Small class size 4-6 student per class(each class has its own group for family feel. We start together/We finish together)
  • An enormous amount of one on one training
  • School Address: NDS Dental Assistant School, 3740 S. University, Suite 201,  FW, TX 76109 (817)-920-7569
  • Low cost Affordable tuition and in house Financing available for everyone (in house financing is NOT based on your credit score.)
  • Upon graduation you will receive the same license and credentials as if you attended a larger more expensive school, but at NDS you will receive license in less time and 6 times less the cost. You will be more confident and will graduate our school with ZERO debt.
  • We are approved and regulated through the Texas Workforce Commission career schools and colleges and we are allowed to start a class at any time when we have two or more students.
  • NDS Dental Assistant School gives people an opportunity to change their life and start a new career as a  Dental Assistant.

  • We don’t feel you met your ultimate goal until you start your career as a Dental Assistant or Dental front desk
  • We only teach verbiage and key terms used in today’s dental offices.
  • You will receive credibility by receiving training in our dental office.
  • Students will be afforded to assist on our patients during dental hours.
  • We train student in fully equipped treatment rooms, not mock up offices, which are provided at larger schools.
  • Externship is not mandatory for graduation though suggested. If a student is offered a job after graduation, we will not prohibit the student from accepting the job due to not completing an externship.
NDS Dental Assistant School and Larger Dental Assistant Schools are common in the following areas.
  • Approved and regulated through State of Texas
  • Assist you register with the state as a Registered Dental Assistant
NDS Dental Assistant School trains you to become a dental assistant in LESS TIME and LESS THE COST!!
The choice is yours!!

Our program outline:

Name:  Dental Assisting
Course Description-This program was designed to give students the working knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Dental Assisting, including specific job skill, such as correctly identifying and utilizing instruments and radio-graphic equipment, properly communication dental terminology, and providing assistance to dentists in different areas of specialization. Our students are prepared for the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Examinations and registration process, making them desirable professionals in the dental field. Entry-level positions include but are not limited to Dental Assistant, Expanded-Duties Assistant, and Dental office staff. These positions are available to Dental practices. Ten weeks is normally required for completion of this program.
  •  Lecture-36
  •  Laboratory-44
  •  Length of time to complete program 10  weeks.
  • Certificate Awarded: NDS Dental Assistant School Diploma of completion.
Total clock hours for program 80 hours (36/44/80) (Lecture/Lab/Total)

DAST 101 Introduction to Dental Assisting,
Dental Anatomy and Dentition
Lecture Contact Hours-5  Lab Hours-3  Total Hours 8

DAST 102 Disease Transmission and Infection Control
Lecture Contact Hours-4  Lab Hours-4  Total Hours 8

DAST 103 Clinical Dentistry and Dental Instruments
Lecture Contact Hours-3  Lab Hours-5  Total Hours 8

DAST 104 Dental Radiology
Lecture Contact Hours-5  Lab Hours-3  Total Hours 8

DAST 105 Mid-term Exam, Anesthesia, and Impression Materials
Lecture Contact Hours-5  Lab Hours-3  Total Hours 8

DAST 106 Amalgam Restorations, Cosmetic Restorations, Custom
Lecture Contact Hours-5  Lab Hours-3  Total Hours 8

Lecture Contact Hours-3  Lab Hours-5  Total Hours 8

DAST 107 Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Provisionals
Lecture Contact Hours-3  Lab Hours-5  Total Hours 8

DAST 108Periodontics, Endodontic, oral Surgery, and Resumes
Lecture Contact Hours-4  Lab Hours-4  Total Hours 8

DAST 109 Course Review, Pedodontics, Orthodontics, and Interviews
Lecture Contact Hours-4  Lab Hours-4  Total Hours 8

DAST 110 Final written and practical Exams, Graduation and awarding of certificates.
Lecture Contact Hours-4  Lab Hours-4  Total Hours 8
Lecture Contact Hours-36  Lab Hours-44  Total Hours 80

Subject Description
·        DAST 101 Introduction to Dental Assisting, Dental Anatomy and Dentition-Students will learn how to demonstrate the characteristics of professional dental Assistant, basic anatomy and differences between primary, mixed, and permanent dentition. (5/3/8) no required prerequisite.

·        DAST 102 Disease Transmission and Infection Control-Students will learn the various methods required how to ensure proper sterilization, disinfection, and proper biohazard waste disposal and OSHA guidelines. (4/4/8) Prerequisite DAST 101

·        DAST 103 Clinical Dentistry and Dental Instruments- The student will learn how to use dental instruments, their function, proper way to transfer, proper sterilization, dental law, and the expanded functions delegated to a qualified dental assistant. (3/5/8) Prerequisite DAST102

·        DAST 104 Dental Radiology-Students will learn how to take radiographs. This is will include learning Radiographic equipment, safety, infection control and the science of dental radiology. (3/5/8) Prerequisite DAST 103

·        DAST 105 Mid-Term Exam, Anesthesia, Impression Materials- Students will learn how to use various isolation techniques and types of evacuation systems. Also included are the various types of dental anesthesia and how they are administer and basic impression materials used and how to mix them and distinguish what they are used for. (3/5/8) Prerequisite 104

·        DAST 106 Filling restorations Custom Trays- Students will learn how to set up and assist during restoration procedures and various types of restorative materials. (3/5/8) Prerequisite DAST 105

·        DAST 107 Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, and Provisionals- Students will learn how to identify and assist with various dental appliances fabricated to replace missing teeth. (3/5/8) Prerequisite DAST 106

·        DAST108 Periodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery and Resumes- Students will learn create resumes and learn the specifics of each dental field. (4/4/8) Prerequisite 107

·        DAST109 Course Review Pedodontics, Orthodontics, and Interviews- Students will learn skill about how to interview. They will also learn about Braces and the importance of preventive dentistry in children. (4/4/8) Prerequisite 108
·        DAST110 Final Written and practical exams-Graduation and awarding of certificates-It is at this module that all students will take a written final exam that will include the entire course material. They will also be given a practical exam in order for the students to show what they have learned in regards to doing dental assisting procedures. This will include dental radiography, infection control, charting, and identifying of instruments. (4/4/8) Prerequisite DAST109

Giving God the Glory! Calling all youth, unemployed adults, and adults ready for a career change. Great news!  Our school’s 10 week dental assisting program is on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Texas Statewide List of Certified Training Providers for Tarrant County’s workforce development area. Also we have partnered with the Women Center of Fort Worth who agreed to pay for 20 qualified candidates.
 Please contact Mr. Haywood at     817-920-7569 or email [email protected] for information on how you may qualify to receive assistance in paying for your training at our school using WIOA funds.We are currently enrolling new students. Feel free to contact us or email: [email protected] 817-920-7569 
*3 party Finance and In-house finance also available